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Based on the original creation, celeb20in20, this community has the same concept (20 icons in 20 days) except your subject must focus on either characters, episodes, or ships from Digimon.
▪ All claims must be somehow related to Digimon. When claiming, you are free to choose a character, an episode, or a pairing of your liking.
▪ Linking to personal journals/communities is allowed, but must be public.
▪ Animation is allowed.
▪ When posting in the community, please post only three teasers and either a link or LJ-cut to the rest. Huge banners can be a bit of a nuisance.
▪ You must be a member to participate.
▪ Only one person to a claim. Two icon makers cannot claim the same subject.
▪ All icons must be new, but can be posted anywhere else before the voting goes up.

▪ THEMES: The theme set will have 10 themes like in a normal icon challenge.
▪ CATEGORY: All 5 icons in this set will have a singular theme.
▪ ARTIST'S CHOICE: Self-explanatory. The artist gets to make 5 icons of their choosing.
(snagged from doctorwho20in20)

• Themes will be voted on individually. Category and Artist's Choice will be voted on both as sets and for individual icons.
• DO NOT vote for your own icons.
• DO NOT ask your friends to vote for you.
• Winners will receive banners shortly after the challenge is complete.
▪ CHALLENGE POSTED: Challenges will be posted on the 1st of every month.
▪ SUBMITTING: You will have until the 20th to complete and sumbit your icons.
▪ VOTING: Voting will (hopefully) take place once the challenge is officially closed.
▪ BANNERS: Winners will receive banners shortly after the winners are announced.
If you're interested in becoming an affiliate, drop a comment here.
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